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Puzzle Zoo Solution


Well, well, well .... Look who's here !!!

Did you already give up or didn't you even try yet ??

Anyway, you came here looking for some answers and that's what you'll get. Just read on !


First some general rules :

To ensure the game going and to win eventually it is ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY to keep the exhibits free of poop. Quite a few animals are very sensitive to their own droppings ( especially Magnet, Empereor Penguin, Saltwater Crocodile, Arctic Wolf, Lowland Gorilla and most of the Big Cats ) and this will lower the exhibit suitability to 99 or 98 . Towards the end of the scenario you may want to hire some extra zoo keepers for cleaning up after the animals.

Don't forget to do research ! You'll need animal toys and shelters as well as endangered animals.

Don't even think about getting Magnet and the Snow Leopard to 100 before you are allowed to adopt animals. There's no way to do that. The Lowland Gorilla and Leopard also require another animal of it's own spezies ( preferable a mate ) to reach the 100.

Puzzle Solution for each animal ( in order as they appear )

Present animals :

Albino Giraffe

Exhibit No. 3
  • 2 more Thornbushes ( 1 per square )
  • 1 small giraffe shelter

Arctic Wolf

Exhibit No. 7
  • 4 more snowy rocks
  • 1 snowy rock cave ( until researched you can use concrete shelter )

Clouded Leopard

Exhibit No. 25
  • 2 more pieces of vegetation ( e.g rainforest fern or mangrove tree ), 1 per square
  • replace the dirt with rainforest floor
  • 1 rock cave
  • 2 catclimbing trees

American Alligator

Exhibit No. 2
  • 1 more water lily

Bengal Tiger

Exhibit No. 18
  • 1 stone ruin too much
  • 1 rock cave

Black Buck

Exhibit No. 23
  • 1 more large rock
  • 1 wood shelter

If you got all of them right there'll be a new animal donation with :


Exhibit No. 3
  • second giraffe shelter ( nothing else to do )

Giant Panda

Exhibit No. 20
  • replace 1 square greystone with snow
  • 4 more Himalayan Birch Trees ( all in the same square )
  • 1 panda cave


Exhibit No. 16
  • 2 more pieces of vegetation ( e.g. tall grass or umbrella thorn acacia )
  • 1 rock cave
  • 1 large lion climbing rock

Grizzly Bear

Exhibit No. 9
  • replace 1 square forest floor with fresh water terrain
  • 1 rock cave

If you got all of 'em to 100 you'll get another animal donation with :

Saltwater Crocodile