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The movie

Screenwriter William Goldman heard about the lions of Tsavo already on his first Africa journey in 1984. ' In all my life I only ran twice into such great factual material ' , says Goldmann. ' The first time it was the story about Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid and the second time was this one'.
He was fascinated about the fact that the Africans thought the lions are some mysthic creatures coming form Hades and that they gave them the suaheli-names ' the Ghost ' and ' the Darkness '. Still in Africa he started searching on the legend of the man-eaters and wrote the first script in 1989 .


Titel :
The Ghost and the Darkness
Release date :
October 11 , 1996
Director :
Stephen Hopkins
Script :
William Goldmann
Executive producer :
Michael Douglas
Music :
Jerry Goldsmith
Certification :
rated R




Michael Douglas:
Val Kilmer:
John Patterson
Emily Mortimes :
Helena Patterson
John Kani :
Tom Wilkinson:
Brian McCardie:


Titelsong " The Ghost and the Darkness "
" Prepare for the battle "
" Catch a train "
" Lions Reign "
" Starling's Death "
" Welcome to Tsavo "
" First Time "


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