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Clarence - the cross-eyed lion


Clarence, Doc. Marsh Tracy  and PaulaThe younger ones amongst you probably don't know the TV-Show 'Daktari' anymore. To the end of the 60's and beginning of the 70's it was one of the most favorite shows in the US and Europe.

Synopsis :

Dr. Marsh Tracy is a veterinarian who lives with his daughter Paula in Africa. There they run into a lot of adventures with natives, wild animals and poachers. Always with them are the chimp 'Judy' and 'Clarence' the lion.

Starting on january 11 ,1966 89 one hour episodes have been broadcasted.

Clarence conquers a nice resting spot in the shade
... and now he enjoys it !  :-)
  Clarence, Paula and Marsh

original videocoverHowever, Clarence first film debut was 1965 with the movie 'Clarence - the cross eyed lion' . Originally 'only' ment to be the T.V. pilot for the Daktari show, it was so successful that i was promoted to an independent movie.

Synopsis :

Dr. Marsh Tracy, head of an african animal behavior center, captures an oddly placid lion whom he names Clarence. He discovers that the animals cross eyes render him tame as a house cat. One day Dr.Tracy and his friend , an antropologist wich is studying gorillas in the area, are captured by poachers. Now it's up to Clarence to save the day.