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The flying lion


the flying lionAt one time, the lion was able to fly. He had wings like those of a bat, and no animal could escape him as he swooped down to grab his prey. He was always careful not to break the bones of his prey. No one knew why, but all were too afraid to ask. The lion would keep these bones in his lair. This lair was guarded by two white crows raised by the lion himself. Each day as he went to hunt, the crows were instructed to remain at the entrance of the lair and guard the precious bones from trespassers that might break them. One day while the lion was away hunting, a bullfrog came to the entrance of the lair. He asked the crows why they were there. They responded that they were instructed to guard the lions bones. The bullfrog then said, "You must be tired of sitting around all day, why don't you let me guard this lair so you can fly for a while." The crows, seeing that the lion was not around, agreed and flew off.

the crows and the bullfrogThe bullfrog then went in to the lion's lair and broke all of the bones, for he was curious as to why the lion was so careful to keep them intact. When the crows returned and found the bones broken, they feared for their lives. They told the bullfrog, "Now the lion will surely kill us!" The bullfrog just hopped away to his pond. The crows were angry with the bullfrog and followed him, trying to peck him. The bullfrog then told them,"If the lion become angry, tell him I broke the bones. If he wants to punish me he can come here to find me." Meanwhile, the lion was preparing to attack his prey. When he tried to pounce, he found he could no longer fly. Now the lion became angry and let out a loud roar, and returned to his lair where he found the crows. "Who has been allowed to break my bones!? I'll bite off your heads for this!" The frightened crows replied that it was the bullfrog and began to fly away. The lion then tried to catch them, but since he could no longer fly himself was only able to leap at them. the crows laughed, "He's unable to fly!" and flew off to tell the other animals what had happened.

the bullfrog in the pondThe angry lion then went after the bullfrog to punish him. When he reached the pond, he crept up slowly on the bullfrog, and pounced. The bullfrog, however, dove into the water and emerged on the other side. This continued for a while, but each time the lion pounced, the bullfrog would leap into the water and emerge on the other side. To this day, the lion has learned to creep up slowly on his prey. As for the bullfrog, whenever he sees a lion, he will jump into the water where he hides and laughs.